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My analyst told me that I was right out of my head

Posted by evilst on 2007.04.09 at 14:02
Current Location: in the woods under a bloody sky
Current Mood: nervousnervous
“Didn’t I tell you?” Eliza whispered into the giant wolf’s ear. “It’s not just us here.” She ran a hand over her dark hair and pushed it back, then brushed her hands on her jeans. “They don’t seem particularly hostile… but be ready to run, just in case.”

((Tag: Karolina, Xavin, Cyrus, and Eliza))

Through the Eye

Find yourself up against another brick wall

Posted by runawaywitch on 2007.02.14 at 16:27
Current Location: Mutant Town
Current Mood: determined
Current Music: KT Tunstall, "Another Place To Fall"
((Tag those who just came from the Tower))

Nico stepped out onto the roof of the brownstone that housed the Devil’s Due, and looked out onto Mutant Town. The last time she’d been in the area, all hell had been breaking lose, and she’d been running from a nutcase with a knife that had almost gotten Molly killed.
It looked different in the light of day.

She glared at the Quinjet also parked on the roof like it had personally offended her. “Everyone still in one piece?”

Granny Ro

She no longer cries to herself, no tears left to wash away. But she will sing till everything burns

Posted by rowenamox on 2007.01.03 at 16:17
Current Music: Everything Burns // Ben Moody
Rowena was watching the stairs as Eliza came down, thundering like a herd of elephants and swearing up a blue streak. She was closely followed by Billy and the other teenagers. The magus let out a longsuffering sigh and rolled her eyes to Clint. “Called it,” she announced, getting to her feet as slowly as if the metaphorical weariness she felt was physical.

“You’re not taking Cyrus, and you’re not taking Billy,” Eliza snapped, coming to a halt in front of her grandmother and glaring down.

“Yes I am,” Rowena corrected, “and on the second front, you’re absolutely right. William, go away, you’re not getting involved.”

“Too late,” Billy pointed out.

So you might as well have a good time

Posted by ya_rpg_npc on 2007.01.03 at 15:31
Current Location: Avengers' Tower
Current Music: "Sheep Go To Heaven", Cake
The elevator doors 'ding'ed open and Eli entered the Tower. He'd had a nice, long ...involved talk with his grandparents about being a super hero and being more polite to Captain America and how he was never allowed to scare them like that again.

Now his only question was where was everyone else?

"Hello?" he called.

(Tag: Anyone in the Tower. Who's here?)

((OOC: Our last Eli had to drop, so if any of you know anyone who might be interested in playing him for us, send 'em our way!))

despair, useless

But he won't rebel, he's a digital man

Posted by vision_ya on 2006.12.05 at 15:43
Current Location: the Avengers' Tower
Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: Rush, Digital Man
The Vision quickly left the room where he had been learning to play poker from Mr. Immortal and fled to -- where? It wasn't as if there were many places for him to go in the Tower. He ought to stay in sight of the cameras, so as not to worry the Avengers, make them think that he was trying to hide from them.

He found an empty room and noted the location of the cameras, as well as the lack of scorch marks on the walls. Good, those should still be working. He walked over to the window and pressed his hand against the glass. It felt cool though his glove.

Of course it did. His glove was just as much a part of his body as his arms and legs. The Vision snatched his hand back as if he'd been burned and stared out at the city.

((Tag Cassie))


Negotiations and Love Songs

Posted by magnetlips on 2006.12.05 at 14:10
Cassie couldn't put it off any longer. Well, she could, but she'd feel even worse than she all ready did, even if it was tempting to just let this slide.

Cassie stopped outside of the room Kristoff had claimed for his lab. She took a breath and opened the door. Kristoff was working on his armor (as usual) but turned when he heard her.

"...Hi." Cassie said. "Can I come in?"

victor surge

The Getout

Posted by avengers_fan on 2006.12.03 at 20:27
After his shower and slipping into something nicer than his workout clothes, Victor did some snooping, and managed to find a window that he could open. The view was something breathtaking, even with the barred cage around the outside to prevent falls. Not a problem for what he had in mind though. When he let his powers charge up faintly, he could feel everything metal around him, including the major support girders within the building. It was a little outside his usual moves, but he was sure his intended 'escape' route would work.

Mostly sure.

He bent the bars on the cage enough to slip through, clinging to them as the truth of his height caught up with him. He turned his powers up a little bit higher, one line of girders resonating strongly to him, until he could cling to it by the soles of his feet. He took a deep breath, then started sliding down the side of the building. Very slowly at first, then faster, then faster, until he was descending at a healthy clip, slowing once he hit the bottom four floors, settling to the ground, then walking around to the front of the building, waiting just outside the lobby doors for the others.

((tag anyone else getting out))

the vision

Cruising under your radar, watching from the satellites

Posted by vision_ya on 2006.11.21 at 00:00
Current Location: wandering the corridors of the Avengers' Tower
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Rush, "Distant Early Warning"
The Vision felt rather at loose ends. He'd locked himself up in one of the labs to work on modifying the cameras so that they'd hopefully be able to weather Billy's annoyance, but he was pretty sure that there was nothing else he'd be able to do with it.

And of course the problem of locking yourself away from everyone you knew was that you didn't know who was still angry with you.

Cassie was probably still upset over the Vision fighting with Kristoff Vernard. Kristoff Vernard was probably still sore at the Vision for breaking his nose and burning his arm. Teddy probably didn't really want to talk to anyone and Billy was probably with him, Kate had probably gone back to her home, Eli was probably recovering away from the Tower. Tommy was probably the Vision's best bet for companionship, or one of the Runaways from the west coast. Iron Man had probably told all of the New Avengers about the Vision's odd behavior during his fight with Kristoff Vernard and they would probably be watching him suspiciously.

The Vision drifted quietly through the Avengers' Tower, looking for someone to talk to.

((Tag: Anyone in the mood to play))

Cheer Up Emo Wiccan!

They've come to get me again, the cloud is over my head

Posted by billykaplan on 2006.11.09 at 12:55
Current Music: Polyamorous // Breaking Benjamin
(Open to All)

Not good enough, Billy thought, staring blankly at the punching bag in front of him. Not strong enough. I can’t do anything. His hands clenched. I couldn’t stop them from destroying my home, or from coming after Teddy. I couldn’t help Eliza. He looked at his hands. “What’s the point?” he asked himself aloud. “What’s the point of having these powers if I can’t actually protect the people important to me?”

He folded his fist carefully, just like Captain America had tried to teach them, drew his arm back, and hit the punching bag.

It hurt.

If anything was clear to Xavin it was that she was not familiar with earth customs. It had taken her several hours to realize what the refrigerator functioned as, and still longer to find something remotely edible.

Oddly enough, she found a very desirable food known as "Cheez-its" behind the refrigerator. Why one would put Cheez-its in such a place was unfathomable to her, but surely there was a good reason.

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