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Bad Stuff

The Search For Molly Concludes

Posted by cute_hats on 2007.05.17 at 22:47
There was a loud BOOM, which was quickly followed by a wall crumbling. The guards inside looked surprised and then terrified when they looked out and saw Iron Man descending from the sky, his hands held out from where he had just shot the volly that leveled the wall. Behind him Wolverine landed from jumping from a hovering aircraft and popped his claws with a SNIKT and a snarl. Spider-Man descended from the aircraft on a line of webbing as well and in the window of the aircraft, Spider-Woman waved pleasantly. It was not a good day to be a Weapon X soldier.

"WE HAVE A BREACH! REPEAT, THERE ARE HERO-GURK!!!" The guard's bellowing into his walkie talkie was cut off by claws in his neck.

"You can say that again, bub." Wolverine ripped his claws out in a spray of blood.

"LOGAN!" Iron Man's voice rang metallically in the afternoon as an alarm began to sound and red lights flashed.

"What?" Logan turned to look at Iron Man in defiance.

"...Good work." The strain was obvious, but Tony couldn't forget the reason they were here.

"Heey! I thought I was working for the good guys here! You know, the good guys that don't kill..."

"Shove it, Spider." Wolverine stabbed the other guard, who was still dumbstruck.

"That is not the tone of voice I like to hear, young man."

Wolverine started to glare, but their bickering was cut off by Iron Man. "All right team, we need to move. Everything I've found leads to this base being the one. We need to move quickly before they move her to another location. Stay sharp, these guys may have some of the others too."

"Weapon X only goes after mutants, tin man." Wolverine had to state the obvious.

"Still, just stay on your toes. We don't want them transporting her out of here before we can get to her, or worse. You hear that, Spider-Woman? Maintain the perimeter and make sure nobody leaves."

Her voice came over the communicators. "Roger that, Iron Man."

"Let's move out, team."

"Yes sir!" Spidey saluted and hopped through the hole.

Without comment, Wolverine ran in and to the right. Spider-Man looked after him, then to Iron Man, and shrugged. Iron Man shook his head and pointed to the left. They were splitting up to find her more quickly. After Spider-Man bounded away, Iron Man pointed his hands downward and blasted his way to a lower level. It was time to close this case once and for all and regain some dignity from the successful break-in and kidnapping a few weeks ago.


evilst at 2007-05-18 23:47 (UTC) (Link)
Vanessa Sinesis watched the screens, doing the math in her mind. She hadn't expected the infamous Wolverine to drag along the rest of the Avengers; the man was rather famous for his lone wolf attitude. But of course, there was young miss Molly to consider. Someone who had been so abused by Weapon X would be truly desperate to keep the same from happening to another.

"Too late, Herr Logan," the doctor murmured to herself before ordering the guards who had most annoyed her during her stay to guard those corridors that made up the most direct path to Molly.

It was a shame she couldn't put the Fat Fuckwit in the way while she was at it, but the man could still be useful. And anyway, she was looking forward to killing him herself.
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-19 05:16 (UTC) (Link)
Wolverine tore through guard after guard on his way through the facility. He didn't even seem to be strategically looking. His strategy was to just kill; eventually everything in the facility would be dead and that would make getting the girl out simple.

Iron Man on the other hand, was far more methodical. He took out what guards came his way, but his focus seemed to be on having his computer systems hack into the base's for a floorplan. At the same time, he was scanning the areas around him for possible ways to detention centers.

It was Spider Man who was on the right track, however. He flipped and thwipped through corridor after corridor, leaping around guards with his great agility and taking them out with grace and ease. Weapon X soldiers, common street gangs...there wasn't a whole heck of a lot of difference when you came right down to it. His agility allowed him to move faster through the place, in some cases not even taking on the guards that were in the way. Through sheer luck and speed, he was the one that was closing in on Molly's location the fastest. Iron Man wouldn't be too far behind. And Wolverine...well Wolverine was making sure this base wouldn't ever function properly again without millions of dollars funneled into it.
evilst at 2007-05-21 21:41 (UTC) (Link)
Sinesis continued to watch, occasionally plucking a kernel of popcorn from a nearby bag and popping it into her mouth. "Someday," she said to nobody, "someone is going to think to record these, and then sell them to some network for a reality TV show." She traced little sigils in the air when she felt someone was getting to close to something she wanted to keep, giving those areas a distinct 'nothing here worth dealing with/wrecking' air.

It wasn't flashy, but it got the job done, and results were always the most important thing.
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-22 00:59 (UTC) (Link)
Spider-Man landed neatly in front of a metal door with a name placard that read "Molly Hayes" Without looking, he dodged backwards as a bullet went by where his head used to be. In the same motion, he stretched an arm out and shot webbing at the guard who'd come racing after him and gooped up his whole arm. Grabbing the line with his other hand for leverage, he swung the guard so that he slammed into the wall and got knocked out. Then he turned back to the door and tapped the name placard.

"Convenient. Obsessive compulsive bad guys make me happy. It makes things soooo much easier. Yikes!"

He leapt straight into the air as a ninja with a katana swipped at his legs from behind. In the air, he flipped so that he landed behind the ninja and lashed out with a kick. The ninja, of course, dodged off to the side and reassumed a stance facing Spider-Man.

"When did Weapon X get ninjas?! Man, I want a ninja! Seriously, I need to go to the Good Guy Headquarters and demand a raise so that I can afford ninjas. This just isn't fair."

The ninja didn't seem to care about Spider-Man's bantering and he began his attack again, lashing and stabbing at Spider-Man with his sword. Spider-Man dodged this way and that, throwing his own punches and kicks as he could.

And so the battle against a ninja for Molly's freedom commenced.
evilst at 2007-05-26 23:11 (UTC) (Link)
"Ninjas," Vanessa snorted. "Why is it always ninjas? Whatever happened to well trained soliders?"

"Mother?" one of the Six said, pausing in her duties.

"I wasn't talking to you, just indulging in a bit of monologuing." She wiggled her fingers in her daughter's general direction. "Bring me some tea. And tell the fat fool that I'm busy, when he calls. In fact... don't answer him. Let him stew for a while."

She knew she shouldn't be cheering for Spider-Man, but she was. Anyone who could defeat the Morlun deserved to be cheered. When all was said and done, she fully intended to make several clones of the arachnid based super-hero to act as her body guards. Just in case.
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-27 21:42 (UTC) (Link)
Ironically, Spider-Man was wonder just that same thing as he flipped and dodged around the ninja. A few nice, well trained soldiers would have been so much nicer and easier to dispatch, but nooo...he had to get the ninja. Ah well, that was what came with being the first to the target he guessed. Iron Man and Wolverine were probably getting all the fun well trained soldier extras. That would explain why, even several minutes later, he was the only one fighting the annoyingly hard to dispatch ninja.

"Seriously, could I get a little help here guys?" He said this to no one in particular, and predictably the ninja answered with another stab at him. "This isn't your average garden variety ninja here! What are you, a lieutenant ninja?" Stab. "Ack! No..um...a major ninja?" Stab. "Geez...I didn't mean any offense...a general ninja?" Swipe. "Okay okay, I give up. What are you, really?" Swipe, stab, slash. "Never mind, then..."

A giant laser blast came from the side and sent the ninja flying. No, seriously. This laser blast had to have been bigger than his head. Check that, it had to have been bigger than three of his heads. The ninja flew back, slammed into the wall, and slid down, his uniform charred in the front. Spider-Man glanced over his shoulder to see where it had come from, but he pretty much knew before he even looked.

"Stop playing with the ninjas, Spider-Man. We've got a job to do." Iron-Man stood in front of a wall that he had carved his way through.

Spider-Man tilted his head at Iron Man incredulously. "That looked like playing?! Man, I know you guys say I'm never serious, but now I have no idea how to be the kind of serious you want!"

Iron Man was already moving to the door. He looked at it for a few moments before saying, "Adamantium." Then he looked at the keypad. This would have to be a hacking job; they weren't getting throught that door. He started fiddling with the keypad until he was able to take it partially off. Then he began working in the wiring coming out of the wall. As he worked, the hall was eerily silent. Suddenly, Logan was standing behind them.

"Almost done, shiney?"

"Yes...is anyone coming?"

"Nope. Got rid of all of them."

Spider-Man looked up. "Now by 'got rid of', do you mean--"

"I stabbed them until they were dead."


"Got it." Iron Man stood back as the door slid open. Inside, Molly lay either sleeping or passed out on the cot. There was a pallor to her that didn't look good, but other than that she wasn't damaged in any visible way.

"Jesus, kid..." Wolverine growled. If he could kill all of the Weapon X goons again, he would

Spider-Man walked in and picked her up. "Alright, gentlemen...I think this is a big mission accomplished for us!"

"Let's get her and move out." Iron Man spoke into his wrist. "We're coming out, Spider-Woman. Be ready for us, alright?"

"Sure thing, Iron-Man."
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