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Princess Powerful Pout

The Search For Molly Begins

Posted by cute_hats on 2007.05.05 at 01:05


ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-16 15:16 (UTC) (Link)
“That’s better,” Sinesis said, picking up the helmet. “Now, you might feel a brain searing, mind destroying pain… but it will only last for a moment.” She slipped the device over the girl’s head and pressed a finger to a panel that looked just like all the others. Quietly, she murmured the Words she had written in the makings of the helmet, activating it.

She was an old hand at combining science and sorcery, something that the Weapon X program had long ignored.

Silly little boys.
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-16 23:35 (UTC) (Link)
If Molly could have screamed, she would have. It would have been brief and cut off, but it would have been the only reponse to such all encompassing agony in her head. In fact, screaming might have made it better as it would have been some kind of outlet that would have made her feel at least a little less helpless. Although it was only a momentary agony, it stretched out into forever in her consciousness as the last moment before she lost track of reality.

Her unconscious state, while not sleep proper, was plagued with dreams of her past and nightmares of somebody else's past. This other person was Not Nice, and through her experiences had come to hate everything and everyone except Dr. Sinesis, who was her savior and the only person she would listen to. Weapon X was her home and her life, but she only listened to them because Dr. Sinesis told her to.

The truly disturbing things about these 'dreams' was that her life and the life of this other began to blur together at points as they went on. Dr. Sinesis became indistinguishable from her mother, whom her own dreams exposed as having a deep connection with Molly. And she always said something..something that meant a lot to her and caused her to..to...do what she was supposed to do. She did it because this reminded her of who she was; she was a good child and she always obeyed because she loved her mother very much. Her mother was the reason she was alive, and her mother would always be there for her as others around her failed her in various ways. Others were the reason Dr. Sinesis was her mother; others were the reason she was denied a normal life; others were the reason she couldn't just sit at home on the patio and read the most recent Harry Potter book and have her first crush on a boy. Others denied her everything that mattered, but Dr. Sinesis gave her back these things and more.

At times, these dreams were interspersed with waking in a strange room on a table and being fed or asked questions which she couldn't remember. These weren't the times she liked, however. She always wanted to be back in the real world where she led her real life. More and more she craved that, and the sessions on the lab table became more and more torturous. Why couldn't she just stay with her mother? That was all she really wanted...
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-16 23:42 (UTC) (Link)
Sinesis waited until she was sure that those few cameras she had allowed to keep running had recorded enough, then switched off the helmet. Her smile was almost cheerful as she looked down at Molly, who had slipped into unconciousness. With a wiggle of her fingers, she allowed a few of the listening bugs to turn back on and announced, "The first session seems to be successful. Take her to the holding cell for now. I will check on her progress in a few hours time. Alert me if she awakens."

That would be more than enough time for the so called 'heroes' the fat bastard had spoken of to come. And then they would see just what her little project could do.

She smoothed Molly's hair back in an almost tender fashion and whispered in her mother tongue, "For now, you sleep."
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