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Princess Powerful Pout

The Search For Molly Begins

Posted by cute_hats on 2007.05.05 at 01:05
Wolverine's claws retracted from inside the Weapon X assistant director of nobody gives a shit with a disturbing 'slup' and a tiny squirt of blood out of the holes left behind. Blood dribbled from the man's mouth and he fell to the side unceremoniously as Wolverine sneered. Red light continually flared, bathing he and Iron Man in it's glow. Iron Man looked on with his arms folded, and if an expressionless metal helmet could be said to have emotion, then he looked most displeased.

"We were questioning him, Logan."

"He said he didn't know nothin'. N' I believed'im...he didn't smell of lying."

"And my sensors didn't detect lying. But that was completely unnecessary. You're an Avenger and Avengers don't kill. I've tried to be understanding because you bring that needed element to our team, but-"

Wolverine stormed up to Iron Man and shoved finger at his shiny metal chest. "Listen, bub. First off, I do this in my off time n' at your request, so you don't tell me what to do. Second, I don't tell you what t'do with yours and you damn well better not tell me what t'do with mine. I know these bastards; you don't. They're scum. I'll tell you what's unnecessary, got it? Cause I'm outta here if you don't."

Iron Man held up his hands in weak surrender. "Fine, fine. Behind you."

Wolverine whirled and slashed his way through a squad of security equipped to the teeth. Blood flew and men screamed. It was all Iron Man could do to provide back up fire, knocking people out where he could so they wouldn't meet their end at Wolverine's claws. About the time the battle was ending, Iron Man's remote access computer blipped in his ear, signifying it had finished hacking into the main computer's files and scanning them.

"My systems just finished scanning their files. There's nothing here, Logan. It seems the cells operate seperate enough of one another to not contain information of the others' activities."

"Then we'll finish shuttin' this shithole down 'n get outta here. Where too next? We gonna get backup any time soon?"

"No..the rest of the team is still tied up. But the girl was part of a team, and I've had people looking for them. I figure if we find them, they will have a vested interest in helping to find her and perhaps be better suited to the task than we are."

"And?" Wolverine started storming down the hall and Iron Man followed.

"And...they're nowhere to be found. By all accounts they are hard to find anyway, but three days of satellite scans of every street and corner in L.A. and New York and of every security camera feed haven't turned up even a glimpse of children remotely matching their description."

"Huh." Wolverine stabbed a random guard in the head as he ran around a corner. "What about th' baby wannabe Avengers? Sometimes it takes a kid to locate a kid."

"That's the stranger part. They haven't been around in a while either."

Wolverine stopped. "Y'think this is all connected? That's a lotta unaccounted for runts."

Tony was solemn. "I don't know, Logan. I honestly don't."

"Then we better finish up here n' find out. Stop pullin' your punches and it'll go faster."

"I don't kill, Logan."

"These people kidnap kids'n experiment on 'em and possibly kill 'em. Not tryin' t'be your conscience, but consider that in your next few shots."

"..." Iron man was silent as he followed. It was hard to argue with that.



Molly pouted in her cell. She'd tried punching through on all sides, but they were all force fields and they didn't give. This sucked. All they'd given her to eat for a few days was this gross grey liquidy stuff. So far nobody had said a word to her. She didn't know why she was here and worse yet, this collar around her neck itched. She was so sick of people putting anti-power collars on her. They were so freaking ugly and itchy and nasty.

"You guys'll be sorry when my friends come for me." This was said to no one in particular; she was just grouching. "They'll kick your stupid butts."

Of course, she didn't expect to be answered.

"I'm afraid they will be far too late, Deathfist. They can't find you and better yet, even if they are desperately searching and could find you given the time, our experiments and training begin now." The Fat Man grinned around his cigar at her.

"Deathfist? What kind of lame name is that?! That's worse than Bruiser!! At least Chase was trying to be stupid! Aw man...why'd I hafta be kidnapped by cheesy old grown up villains? Why couldn't it have been someone cool like freaking Dr. Doom?" Molly folded her arms and hugged herself, pouting harder if that was possible.

The Fat Man's slowly faded into a frown as she spoke. "I can see that somebody needs to be broken."

"Yeah yeah, cheesy cliche number thirty seven. Let's get this over with so my friends can go ahead and come save me and embarrass you by beating you up."

The Fat Man fumed. Such arrogance in one so young. He would show her. "Guards! Bring her to the lab."

As the guards grabbed her by the arms and started dragging her out, Molly sighed. This was going to suck. Lame badguys were so boring.


ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-10 02:10 (UTC) (Link)
To say that Dr. Vanessa Sinesis was not pleased would have been something of an understatement. To say that she would have gleefully dismembered her current bosses and used their innards for decorations might have been a slightly more accurate way of putting it. Fünf von Sechs had gone missing, and now that fat fool of a boy was trying to rename her experiments… Deathfist indeed.

The red haired scientist snorted as the little girl was brought in. “Up on the table,” she snapped, a trace of her Germanic accent leaking into her words. She snatched up the file on the girl, then peered at the child in question over it. “Molly?”
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-11 18:23 (UTC) (Link)
The guards unceremoniously dumped Molly on the table. She struggled, kicked, and bit as they started strapping her into the adamantium manacles. Unfortunately for her, the armor the guards wore was not only bulletproof and freaky mutant power resistant, but it was also childproof as well and her bites and kicks were largely ineffectual. That didn't stop her from trying though. When they were done, the guards stepped back and stood at attention to guard the scientist as she went to work.

Molly grumped furiously on the table, but when the lady in the lab coat said her name she looked up. "Finally, a bad guy that uses my freaking name. Why do you look like Chase's mom?"
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-11 19:26 (UTC) (Link)
Vanessa flipped through the file, muttering under her breath until she found what she was looking for. “Ah, that would be Doctor Janet Stein. I remember her. Clever girl, for the most part, rather foolishly aligned herself with the Gibborim in a bid for immortality.” She snorted. “Later killed by you and your friends. Allow me to take a moment to assure you that I will not be so easy to defeat. Please refrain from attempting to hit me, you would not care for the outcome, and I would not care to clean up the mess.”

“So, Vanessa,” the fat man began.

“Dr. Sinesis, if you please.”

“What are your plans for Deathfist?”

“First of all. We are not calling her ‘Deathfist’, or any other of those ridiculous names that so-called superheroes and villains are so very fond of. I find ‘Hayes’ to be a perfectly acceptable name, if you refuse to refer to her by her experiment number.”
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-11 19:46 (UTC) (Link)
Molly sighed. "Why do you all say that? Is there some villain scriptbook that you all have to study in evil-villain school? I mean for real..." She rolled her eyes back to follow Vanessa's movements. "Sides, I don't like to hit non-powereds. It makes me feel guilty."

"We'll take care of that soon enough, Deathfist." The Fat Man glared at Dr. Sinesis as he spoke over Molly.

"But at least your not as lame as your Kingpin wannabe."

"Dr. Sinesis, we are more than pleased to have you on board at Weapon X. However, you will respect our codename process. These genetic freaks aren't human. They're weapons. We strip them of their identities, and names are part of those identities. We've codenamed the likes of Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Deadpool. This creature is to become our youngest weapon yet, which we hope will give her an advantage over her enemies." He snorted. "They seem to have problems hitting children."

He folded his arms and gestured to Molly. "So please, do your job that we're paying you for and we'll do ours." Smoke drifted from his cigar as he clenched his teeth on it. He did not much care for insubordination.
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-11 21:17 (UTC) (Link)
"Wolverine... that would be the short Canadian who comes through every few months and slaughters everything in his path? And Sabertooth would be his considerably more homicidal counterpart, generally regarded as a failure in an attempt to recreate Wolverine. And Deadpool, best known as Wade Willson, whom I have worked with before?" Sinesis snorted. "If you want them to be weapons, stop giving them names. Names imply... personality." Her distaste was clear through her tone.

"Athough you will get no arguments on the obvious weakness of so many of those you fight. They value their young as more than tools. Sentamentalists. And put that disgusting thing out before you make my lab explode."
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-13 19:59 (UTC) (Link)
The Fat Man rubbed his chin thoughtfully as she spoke. "While you bring up a good point, we need to call them something. What would you suggest, Dr. Sinesis?"

"You could just call me Molly since that is my name and it's easier than trying to think up all these dumb new ones." Molly blew upward to get a strand of hair out of her face that had dislodged from under her tie-dye hat.

((I would like to direct your attention here for your thoughts, as you are my RP partner at the moment and it may influence how this thread goes! ^^))
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-13 22:19 (UTC) (Link)
"I was thinking something along the lines of Experiment 439, for the time being," Sinesis said dryly. "Until we are sure of the exact nature of Miss Hayes' powers, at the very least. My information on the so called 'Pride' is rather extensive, and as I recall, her parents' mutations were psionic in nature. Admittedly, the mutations seen in offspring do not always reflect those of the parents, but," she took Molly's wrist and held up and arm, "in my experiance, those with true superstrength tend to demonstrate a more extreme musculature. Of course, this is not always true."

She shrugged, letting Molly's arm drop and tapped the small microphone attached to her ear. "Ein."

One of the doors to the laboritory opened, and a girl a bit older than Molly, who could very easily have been a younger version of Dr. Sinesis, stepped in. In her hands she carried a ponderous looking helmet.

((At the moment, I'm wary of making any kind of plans.
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-15 23:57 (UTC) (Link)
"Hey! I'm way strong!" Molly struggled and fumed at what sounded like an insult. "I use a Raptor as a pillow, and if you've seen Jurassic Park, which you probably haven't since you're old and boring, you know how big and mean they are!"

Molly wiggled her arm in the doctor's grasp, trying to escape and prove her point but it was futile. Stupid itchy collar. If only she knew who had the key to it, maybe she could make a plan...

"Very well. She shall be called Experiment 439 until you notify me otherwise. I shall leave you to your work now, as other matters require my attention." He puffed on his cigar. "It would seem that Iron Man and Wolverine are looking for our little charge." He turned to leave.

"Wolverine? He'll totally kick your extra large butt!" Molly thought for a moment. Her friends would probably tell her that wasn't a good thing to say. Especially Gert, who was overweight, but not evilly so. "Not that you can help that, I mean...hey hey what's that helmet for! Keep it away! I have my own hat!"

The Fat Man chuckled. "I suppose I could, if I cared. Good luck, Dr. Sinesis. I'll expect a report as soon as you are done, but do take your time. Our false satellite bases should keep any potential rescuers busy for quite a while."

((Most understandable. The Murderworld plot is very interesting and I can't wait to see where it goes!))
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-16 02:24 (UTC) (Link)
“Shall I end him now, Mother?” Ein asked softly, turning on her personal white noise generator and knocking the bugs in the lab in the process.

“Not just yet,” Sinesis said. “For the time being, he is useful. Personally, I would rather like to see the Wolverine in action. If even half the stories are true, he is a magnificent berserker.” She licked her lips. “And I would gladly give a good many things for a chance to study the Iron Man’s armor. I understand it is almost as good as the designs Victor von Doom has produced.” She regarded Molly a moment, then plucked the hat off her head. “You can have it back when we’re done.”
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-16 02:34 (UTC) (Link)
Molly tried to look at both of them. "Isn't he, like, your boss or something?" She thought for a few seconds. "I guess you're badguys, though, and badguys are always plotting against everbody, including themselves... I couldn't be a badguy cause it takes too much work!"

"HEY! Give that BACK!!!" Now she really did flail and struggle against her bonds.
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-16 02:48 (UTC) (Link)
Sinesis inspected the hat for a moment before setting it aside to have all useful things such as hair and skin cells removed for later use. “Just because he pays me does not mean I like him,” she said before finally losing her patience with the girl’s struggles. “Be still,” she said, putting the weight of her power behind the command and freezing the girl in place.
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-16 03:13 (UTC) (Link)

Molly was forced to lie absolutely still. She didn't realize this scientist lady had powers!! This so wasn't fair! Bad guy extras didn't get to have powers too! But from the sounds of it, this was more than just an extra...she was the real deal and the big guy didn't even know it. Or maybe he did and didn't care?
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-16 15:16 (UTC) (Link)
“That’s better,” Sinesis said, picking up the helmet. “Now, you might feel a brain searing, mind destroying pain… but it will only last for a moment.” She slipped the device over the girl’s head and pressed a finger to a panel that looked just like all the others. Quietly, she murmured the Words she had written in the makings of the helmet, activating it.

She was an old hand at combining science and sorcery, something that the Weapon X program had long ignored.

Silly little boys.
Molly Hayes
cute_hats at 2007-05-16 23:35 (UTC) (Link)
If Molly could have screamed, she would have. It would have been brief and cut off, but it would have been the only reponse to such all encompassing agony in her head. In fact, screaming might have made it better as it would have been some kind of outlet that would have made her feel at least a little less helpless. Although it was only a momentary agony, it stretched out into forever in her consciousness as the last moment before she lost track of reality.

Her unconscious state, while not sleep proper, was plagued with dreams of her past and nightmares of somebody else's past. This other person was Not Nice, and through her experiences had come to hate everything and everyone except Dr. Sinesis, who was her savior and the only person she would listen to. Weapon X was her home and her life, but she only listened to them because Dr. Sinesis told her to.

The truly disturbing things about these 'dreams' was that her life and the life of this other began to blur together at points as they went on. Dr. Sinesis became indistinguishable from her mother, whom her own dreams exposed as having a deep connection with Molly. And she always said something..something that meant a lot to her and caused her to..to...do what she was supposed to do. She did it because this reminded her of who she was; she was a good child and she always obeyed because she loved her mother very much. Her mother was the reason she was alive, and her mother would always be there for her as others around her failed her in various ways. Others were the reason Dr. Sinesis was her mother; others were the reason she was denied a normal life; others were the reason she couldn't just sit at home on the patio and read the most recent Harry Potter book and have her first crush on a boy. Others denied her everything that mattered, but Dr. Sinesis gave her back these things and more.

At times, these dreams were interspersed with waking in a strange room on a table and being fed or asked questions which she couldn't remember. These weren't the times she liked, however. She always wanted to be back in the real world where she led her real life. More and more she craved that, and the sessions on the lab table became more and more torturous. Why couldn't she just stay with her mother? That was all she really wanted...
ya_rpg_npc at 2007-05-16 23:42 (UTC) (Link)
Sinesis waited until she was sure that those few cameras she had allowed to keep running had recorded enough, then switched off the helmet. Her smile was almost cheerful as she looked down at Molly, who had slipped into unconciousness. With a wiggle of her fingers, she allowed a few of the listening bugs to turn back on and announced, "The first session seems to be successful. Take her to the holding cell for now. I will check on her progress in a few hours time. Alert me if she awakens."

That would be more than enough time for the so called 'heroes' the fat bastard had spoken of to come. And then they would see just what her little project could do.

She smoothed Molly's hair back in an almost tender fashion and whispered in her mother tongue, "For now, you sleep."
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